LiquidWeb Hosting Review

by Suteepan S. Kajit
LiquidWeb Review

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Truth be told, choosing the best web hosting for your website can be an uphill task. You see all web hosting companies out there promise excellent uptime, responsive customer support, a whole lot of resources, and all that. But as usual, there is a way to cut the jargon and make the best-informed decision. One company with a range of things to offer is LiquidWeb Hosting.

This review brings you all the facts and details about LiquidWeb, including its hosting plans and prices. We will then take a look at its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s a smart option for you or not. Read on.


LiquidWeb was founded by Matthew Hill at the peak of the “.com” frenzy in mid-1997. Since then, the company has been laser-focused on offering its 32,000+ customers the best hosting experience ever.

The company is well known for its cost-effective hosting solutions. As we speak, LiquidWeb is one of the most popular managed to host providers in the world. Their services are mostly optimized for WoCommerce, WordPress, and many other popular apps.

Additionally, the web host also offers professional email addresses.

So, what makes LiquidWeb stand out from the rest?

Well, when it comes to the provision of custom-built servers, LiquidWeb earns the top rating. Its expert technical support will also help you in managing your servers. What this means is that you don’t need to know anything about optimization technicalities for you to sign up with LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb Review

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what LiquidWeb is all about.


348 ms (As of October 2020 )

99.99% (October 2020 average )

Phone line, knowledge base, help desk, 24/7 Live Chat

WordPress, WooCommerce, cPanel Pro, InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro

SSD storage
GB bandwidth
SSL certificate
Site backups
1-click app installs
Cloudflare CDN
Anti-DDoS protection

Cloud Hosting
Managed VPS
Dedicated Server Hosting

Free migrations

The most basic hosting plan from LiquidWeb costs $19.99 per month.


LiquidWeb is generally a good hosting provider for individuals and businesses looking to build and maintain a profitable online availability.

But, you will need to take a look at some of the pros and cons of LiquidWeb below, to see if you should sign up with them or not.

Pros Of Using LiquidWeb Hosting

1. High-performance servers
LiquidWeb Hosting is not your ordinary web hosting provider. Its architecture includes dedicated top-grade servers to ensure its customers get superb site performance.

The company’s servers come in various configurations, of course depending on a user’s needs. You could choose a one-core processor, the high performing 32GM RAM processor, or anything in between that range.

It is even reported that LiquidWeb is 200x faster when compared to AWS, Rackspace, and most of its competitors.

2. Top-notch security features
All hosting plans from LiquidWeb come with a whole lot of security features. We are talking about firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), anti-malware and anti-spyware tools, virus removals, and such.

On top of that, each plan comes with regular site backups that happen at night. This is a measure put in place by LiquidWeb to help its users salvage their data in the worst-case scenario.

3. Reliable uptime
Frequent downtimes can turn away many potential customers. This is a no-brainer – that the widespread availability of the internet makes it easier for people to explore many options at a go. What this implies is that no one is going to waste their precious time at a site that is consistently down.

LiquidWeb knows this too well and that is why they have put all their energies into ensuring great server performance. You will appreciate their over 99.99% uptime guarantee!

4. Responsive customer support
LiquidWeb has a dedicated team of informed individuals to ensure that all concerns and questions from customers are attended to in time.

You can contact them through their 24/7 live chat, phone, and many other channels – the choice is yours.

5. Backing of highly reputable brands
Yes, LiquidWeb boasts powering many giants including Home Depot and Porsche. It is the preferred hosting provider for many other large clients who form a bigger percentage of their clientele.

6. Free professional emails
What better way to elevate your business to the next level than by using a professional email address for all your correspondences? We are talking about something like, etc.

A professional email address will help you build and maintain a brand identity. That aside, a custom email address also sends a message that you are professional.

Fortunately, LiquidWeb plans offer such emails. Another plus is that you can easily manage your email accounts from the cPanel.

7. Free and easy site migrations
If you are looking to move your site to LiquidWeb, you can take advantage of the company’s free internal and external site transfers.

Their team of experts will help you migrate without any glitches or downtime. And, that service is completely free of charge!

8. Easy-to-use control panel
LiquidWeb will give you the chance to choose from their three control panels –InterWorx, cPanel, and Plesk. All their plans come with a free InterWorx dashboard but the other two panels come at an additional cost.

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Cons Of Using LiquidWeb Hosting

  • LiquidWeb hosting is a bit pricey. Their VDC tier costs $1905 per month.
  • No free domain
  • No shared hosting


Here are some of the hosting plans from LiquidWeb:

Hosting Plans

As we had said earlier, LiquidWeb offers dedicated, VPS, CMS, and e-commerce as well.


LW Dedicated Plans


VPS Plans


Cloud Hosting


Now, is LiquidWeb Hosting any better?

Yes. The company offers fully managed hosting solutions. By signing up with the web host, you are sure to get fast and secure hosting for your website. Additionally, LiquidWeb features the best customer support ever.

Even if you are already hosted by another provider, and if you are thinking of cost-effective hosting solutions, you can easily cross over to LiquidWeb.

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